How to Prepare for your RV Rental Adventure


You’ve already decided to rent an RV through RVHookUp for your next adventure but what are the next steps after that? Renting an RV is an exciting way to travel across the nation! While choosing the perfect RV is the hardest part, so is determining what to pack and how to prepare. By following our preparation checklist, you’ll be ready for the road trip of a lifetime.

  1.   Establish your route.

There is plenty of sight-seeing experiences when road-tripping, but it’s up to you to decide what you’d like to see. Whether you’re a type A or type B personality, establishing a route ensures your trip will go smoothly without trouble. It also allows you to plan stopping points such as gas stations, rest areas, overnight campgrounds, and more. Planning your exact route will guarantee safety and preparedness. Utilize mobile map apps such as Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps to find the quickest route to get to your destinations faster. Be sure to write down the destinations as some areas may not have stable service.

  1.   Pre-book destinations.

Research the campsites and attractions that you’d like to visit on your expedition. Verify that all of your reservations are correct and the accommodations are exactly what you’re looking for. By pre-booking before heading on to the road, you will have a safeguard of knowing what is to come.

  1.   Pack essentials.

Assure that your RV has all the necessities such as kitchen supplies, toiletries, and electronics. To add fun to your campsite and nights, pack some lawn chairs, hammocks, and a grill! Spend your nights making s’mores while sitting around a campfire or cook hotdogs on a table-top grill. During the day, spend some time reading or enjoying scenic views resting in a hammock.

  1.   Plan for all weather conditions.

Nothing is worse than only packing short sleeve shirts and shorts, only to begin your road trip with chilly weather and rain. Check the weather the day before heading out, as weather can change drastically in a few short hours. Create a list of the number of outfits you will need for the length of your trip to guarantee you do not over- or under-pack. Some space-saving tips for your travels: be sure to roll your clothes and stick socks into your shoes.

  1.   Enjoy your trip!

This is one of the most important points in preparing. Don’t let nerves ruin your trip. RV life is a great life, so enjoy it!