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Trailers & 5th Wheels

Sleep: 2-10  |  Size: 10 to 40 feet | Weight: 1,100 to 20,000 pounds

There’s probably no greater range of campers in a single category than the travel trailer. Bumper pull travel trailers connect to a standard trailer hitch, and they can range from lightweight to reasonably heavy. This means that the smallest travel trailers can be pulled by a small SUV, while others might require a large truck. Travel trailers are good for campers who want to unhitch and store the camper more easily when not in use, and a plethora of options means that there is something for everyone. Just how diverse is the travel trailer category? The 10-foot Happier Camper is a travel trailer, and so is the 33-foot Classic Airstream, a trailer that’s more than three times as large. You’ll also see convertible trailers, teardrops, and trailers with vintage style.

Fifth Wheel Trailers are the largest trailers you can tow behind a vehicle. They are called “fifth wheel” because the front of the trailer extends over the bed of the truck. The truck bed contains the hitching mechanism—a u-shaped coupling component—which can make fifth wheels easier to tow than some other travel trailers since it’s easier to turn. Fifth wheels offer all the space and comforts of a Class A RV—including slide outs, bathrooms, and even multiple bedrooms—but they also require a pickup truck with a specifically fitted hitch. This type of RV is best for someone who wants all the amenities of a large Class A, but wants to tow it and then store it when not in use.