Experience Burning Man with an RV

Join the community of Burning Man this August in Nevada with an RV! The days are long and hot so why not bring the comfort of a home with you.

There are so many benefits to using an RV when attending.

Due to the Burning Man being in the middle of the desert, the odds of dust storms occurring are high. Having an RV will protect you from both dust storms and rain. Keep in mind that weather protection does depend on what type of RV you rent.

It brings you the luxury of a home everywhere you go. With an RV, you can sleep on a bed instead of the rock solid ground. That means no backaches, headaches, or anything in between. It also gives you everything else a house offers such as a kitchen, toilet, shower, and refrigeration. An RV allows you to cook indoors with air conditioning and not have to worry about dust getting in your food, to take showers at the end of the day, to not have to use a port-a-potty, etc.

An RV, due to its size, allows you to carry more than if you were to just bring a tent. So more outfit options! And well, the option to store extra materials just in case of an emergency too.

With the Burning Man’s mission of “leave no trace”, an RV significantly reduces that. You won’t have to worry about where the nearest trash can is or the possibility of leaving trash around your tent. Since everything is already confined within the space of the camper, anything that could possibly be left behind is most likely already inside the RV.

One of the perks of having an RV is the “RV Only” area! The area is patrolled by service trucks from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. If something goes wrong, you have Liberty Mutual and the service trucks to help out!

So why stick to a tent, when you could live it up in an RV!